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#GivingHope: Everyday stories of hope at CCPC.



#GivingHope Story: Helping Henry

Today a man named Henry* visited the pantry. Henry lives in Park City and this was his first visit to the CC pantry. He was accompanied by his service animal. He said when he woke up this morning he did not know what he would do because all his food was gone except two cans of soup. He said when he remembered that he’d heard Park City had a food pantry – he just had to find it. He asked that we let everyone know not to get close to his dog. Two other customers were asked to wait while Henry was served. Henry was slightly unsteady on his feet and appeared to have limited use of one arm. Volunteer Joe was careful to explain each food item and then carefully bagged the food. Henry did not decline any food that was offered. Joe pushed the cart, which was completely full, to Henry’s car and loaded his groceries.

Henry was extremely grateful and continued to let us know that he would have more than enough food for at least three weeks. He shared that he is living solely on his social security check and he has no more savings. His SS check will not arrive for another two weeks.

I know I’m blessed to be able to reassure a guest like Henry that he will always be welcome and the CC pantry will always have plenty of food to share.

Henry continued to repeat his thanks as he left the pantry. I pass his thanks on to you and to all the truly wonderful CC volunteers and staff.

Henry looked about 70 years old. Thanks for keeping Henry in your prayers.

– Chris Devoy
Christian Center of Park City Food Pantry Coordinator

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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