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Spotlight on a CCPC “Super-Shopper”

Dr. Jackie Thompson and her husband Ed, reguarly drive all the 
way from Layton to shop at CCPC!

Question: When did you first discover the CCPC Clothing Boutique?
“About three years ago, when I came up for an MLK Jr Human Rights Commission held at CCPC, I met Rob Harter. After the meeting, Rob asked me if I had checked out the Boutique, and I said “What Boutique?”. I looked around and within 5 minutes I called my work to tell them I would not be returning that day and told my husband I would be late arriving home.”   – Dr. Jackie Thompson

Question: What keeps you coming back?
“The volunteers and staff are so wonderful. We love all of the international and one-of-a kind clothing items – they make us feel well-traveled and well-dressed!   We love that all of the proceeds go back to the community and support youth programming. It is our favorite place to shop in all the world.” – – Dr. Jackie Thompson

Question: What is your shopping strategy?
Jackie sets an alarm to leave Layton with her husband Ed promptly at 9AM so that they can arrive at the CCPC Boutique by 10AM.  They spend 5 minutes walking the entire store – a quick cursory overview.  Then they strategically begin selecting items, trying them on, and assembling large amounts of clothing for purchase! 

Question: Who are you buying for?
“It is a family affair!  I am always buying for my 86-year old mother, one of my seven siblings, or my grandkids.” – Dr. Jackie Thompson

Question: How many times a month do you visit the Boutique:
“1-2 times every month!” – Dr. Jackie Thompson

Question: What was your and Ed’s most favorite clothing item ever purchased:
“A gorgeous light-tan pantsuit with satin trim around the collar and sleeves – The retail tag said $300 and I paid $30! I wore it when I received my Distinguished Alumni Award from Idaho State University.Ed: (who coaches basketball at Layton Christian Academy) – The men’s suits and jackets are amazing.  My biggest one-day score was 11 suits and a tuxedo for $330!” – Dr. Jackie Thompson

Question: Tell us about yourself?
“I previously served as the Director of Educational Equity and Community Outreach for the Davis School District until I retired on July 31, 2017.  My first business upon retiring on a Friday was heading to the CCPC Boutique the following Monday! I currently serve on Utah’s Multicultural Commission, co-chaired by Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox and Byron Russell.” – Dr. Jackie Thompson

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